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  In january 2009 our company is crowned by Izmir Chamber of Commerce with a glory certificate.
Our company Lem limited is built in 2004 by me Kerim Celik and my son Serdar Celik.Becouse of to give honest service to our customer ,our potonsial and portfolio of customer is increasing in everyday.

Lem limited is young but experienced import-export company.In establisment stage of our company,my son Serdar Celik’s glossy ideas and supports cause of our company’s ahead steps.Thanks to this before to get order we make the best performance and report to our customer and we can feel their pleasure.

To beyond the earn money,for us the important thing is to bring in to our customer,and to present the best service. The best advantage which Lem Limited bring in is to supply best service,best quality with a best price confidence.